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Welcome to the website of Mesh Korea.

Mesh Korea is an IT-based logistics startup that has been growing through constant challenges and innovations since its foundation on January 2013. With an aim to establish a logistics platform that connects riders transparently and flexibly, we are committed to providing our riders with a better work environment and securing the continuity of our delivery business.

To this end, we have been building a healthy, cooperative relationship with riders through various support programs. As part of the “Rider Care Policy,” we have become the first Korean corporation that was approved to purchase a comprehensive two-wheel vehicle insurance, offered a no-interest/unsecured, 12-month payment plan for a motorcycle purchase, set up VROONG stations nationwide that serve as in-city logistics bases as well as rest stations for riders, and provided delivery-related supplies.

In addition, Mesh Korea has been leading innovation in the logistics industry by utilizing its IT solutions, and it has established logistics infrastructure nationwide based on two-wheel vehicles, thereby going beyond the provision of a delivery service and contributing to increasing the efficiency of the overall industry.

Mesh Korea will continue to exert efforts to not only increase customer satisfaction through a more accurate and prompt delivery service but also to create a virtuous cycle in which customers, partner companies, and riders can all benefit from its honest business practices. We ask for your continuous interest and support so that Mesh Korea can grow into Korea’s representative IT logistics company.

Thank you.


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  • Approved to purchase Korea’s first comprehensive,
    two-wheel vehicle insurance
  • Received a “2017 Red Herring Global 100 Award”
  • Won the “SMEs and Startups Minister’s Prize”
    at the 2017 Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards
  • Won the “SMEs and Startups Minister’s Prize”
    in the entrepreneur category at the 5th Korea’s Most Loved Companies
  • Won the “Science and ICT Minister’s Prize”
    at the ICT Funded Business Outcome Presentation & Awards
  • Won the “Employment and Labor Minister’s Prize”
    at the 2017 Job Creation Contribution Awards
  • Chosen to receive support from the science ministry’s
    “2017 Global SaaS Incubating Project”
  • Concluded last-mile logistics contracts with McDonald’s Korea,
    SPC Group, KFC, BONIF, Lotte Super,
  • Papa John’s, Pizza Alvolo, Daily Beer, Kukde Tteokbokki,
    Damso Beef Leg Bone Sundae, and others
  • Concluded an agreement on VROONG TMS and
    last-mile logistics with GS Retail
  • Signed a comprehensive agreement on order management and
    delivery service with OKPOS, EasyPOS, and Angel Soft


  • Received the “Land, Infrastructure and
    Transport Minister’s Prize” at the 2016 Korea Logistics Awards
  • Won the gold prize at the K Shop &
    Korea 2016 Innovation Awards
  • Concluded VROONG TMS contracts with
    Honestbee and Ticket Monster
  • Signed a last-mile logistics agreement with
    CJ Korea Express Co. Ltd.
  • Concluded last-mile logistics agreements with Pizza Hut,
    Kyobobooklet, Lotte Mart, Mister Pizza, ORGA WHOLE FOODS, and CJ Foodville
  • Launched the “VROONGPOS,” a delivery service for small businesses


  • Chosen to receive support from the global startup
    consulting project at K-ICT Born2Global Center
  • Concluded a VROONG TMS agreement with E-Mart
  • Concluded last-mile logistics agreements with Shinsegae
    Department Store, E-Mart, Burger King, and BGF Retail (CU convenient stores)
  • Signed an MOU on a same-day delivery service with Ticket Monster


  • Selected as a “2014 KOTRA Global Finalist”
  • Selected as a featured app in Google Play


  • Converted to a corporation, Mesh Korea
  • Awarded the grand prize at the Korea Student Venture Competition (KSVC)
  • Selected as a finalist and a member of the national team at the
    Stanford E-Bootcamp, the worldwide venture startup competition


  • Registered as a private business and commenced its business


Four Core Values of Mesh Korea

  • Integrity

    We make decisions and
    act autonomously and responsibly.

  • Innovation

    We ceaselessly think
    out of the box and
    implement new ways.

  • Field

    The answer to our problem is
    always on-site. We make
    valuable decisions based on sites.

  • Proactivity

    We put things into action fast
    and pursue a perfect finish.
    We are not afraid of failure.

CI of Mesh Korea

The cube box shape symbolizes the response to various market changes, logistics, and delivery.
The letter “M” signifies a tight mesh.
The blue color represents Mesh Korea’s commitment to a transparent and clean environment.


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  • ci

The dynamic symbol means VROONG’s accurate and prompt delivery through its system and technology.
The weighty and simple wordmark represents the trust and faith of our customers.
The blue-green color signifies safety and mutual benefit of riders.

Contact Us

  • 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Floors, Iksung Building, 6, Bongeunsa-ro 112-gil (162-15 Samseong-dong), Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 06170
  • Busan Camp: 22nd Floor, Ara Centum KNN Tower, 30, Centum-seo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • Gwangju Camp: 5th Floor, Rehoboth (Chipyeong-dong), 7, Sangmujoongang-ro, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
Telephone 1800-8255
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