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Welcome to the website of Mesh Korea.

Mesh Korea is an IT-based logistics startup that has been growing through constant challenges and innovations since its foundation on January 2013. With an aim to establish a logistics platform that connects delivery man transparently and flexible, we are committed to providing our delivers with a better work environment and securing the continuity of our delivery business.

To this end, we have been building a healthy, cooperative relationship with riders through various support programs. As part of the “Rider Care Policy,” we have become the first Korean corporation that was approved to purchase a comprehensive two-wheel vehicle insurance, offered a no-interest/unsecured, 12-month payment plan for a motorcycle purchase, set up VROONG stations nationwide that serve as in-city logistics bases as well as rest stations for riders, and provided delivery-related supplies.

Also, Mesh Korea has been leading innovation in the logistics industry by utilizing its IT solutions, and it has established logistics infrastructure nationwide based on two-wheel vehicles, thereby going beyond the provision of a delivery service and contributing to increasing the efficiency of the overall industry.

Mesh Korea will continue to exert efforts to not only increase customer satisfaction through a more accurate and prompt delivery service but also to create a virtuous cycle in which customers, partner companies, and riders can all benefit from its honest business practices. We ask for your continuous interest and support so that Mesh Korea can grow into Korea’s representative IT logistics company.



Five Core Values of Mesh Korea

CI of Mesh Korea

The cube box shape symbolizes the response to various market changes, logistics, and delivery.
The letter “M” signifies a tight mesh.
The blue color represents Mesh Korea’s commitment to a transparent and clean environment.


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The brand logo of the VROONG represents the identity of the VROONG.
Signifies innovation in the logistics industry through a scientific delivery platform.
Based on bold English wordmarks, replace the letter "R" with an arrow-shaped symbolic motif. 
I intuitively communicate the meaning of start point start, direction and motion movement.

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