Exclusive Delivery / Same-Day Delivery

Exclusive Delivery

Delivery on four wheels optimized and customized to enterprises’ needs B2C trucking and B2B trunk delivery service tailored to clients’ delivery quantities, item sizes, and types

Same-Day Delivery

Same-day delivery that combines four and two wheels: Cheaper than dispatch riders, faster than couriers A non-stop delivery service that use both four- and two-wheeled vehicles to deliver orders on the same day

  1. Customized logistic consulting Based on its experience and technology, Vroong designs logistic processes in consideration of various conditions to ensure quick and flexible delivery.
  2. Full cold chain system Refrigerator/freezer vehicles ensure optimized temperature control
  3. Quality drivers We directly hire delivery drivers to offer high-quality delivery experience
  4. Optimized delivery services at dawn and on weekends Our services have no temporal limits
  5. Hub and spoke Efficient hub-and-spoke logistic operations ensure urban delivery in the shortest possible time

VROONG Exclusive Delivery

  • IT-based tailored logistic design Vroong Stations established across the country ensure fast and accurate real-time delivery.
  • Logistic tracking from planning
    to fulfillment
    TMS-based efficient logistic process operations from fleet planning to transport.
  • Systemized delivery for quality We own and manage our own delivery system, hence, ensure stability in quality, whether it be on-time delivery, freshness, or fleet conditions.

VROONG Same-Day Delivery

  • Efficient combined transport
    and delivery
    Vroong Stations combine four- and two-wheeled vehicles for quickest possible delivery.
  • Optimized delivery routes based on Vroong TMS Delivery optimization by inhouse IT solutions
  • Unrivalled delivery experience Whole-new delivery experience that is cheaper than dispatch riders, faster than couriers


  • Exclusive Delivery Supermarket delivery
    for SSG.com/Homeplus.
  • Exclusive Delivery Blue Bottle
    Coffee bean delivery between branches.
  • Same-Day Delivery Fresh G
    Fresh meal kit delivery
  • Same-Day Delivery Wonder Place
    Same-day delivery of fashion items.